Referral Program

Referral Program Page Image - 2015Virtual Assistance Genie has recently instituted a referral program that can earn you some extra cash!

For every new client you refer in the categories listed below (more will be added at a later date), you will receive 20% of the total fee paid (with the exception of projects paid at an hourly rate). Therefore, if a customer requests to have a marketing video created at a cost of $499, you will receive $99.80 for referring him/her or their company. This first-tier referral fee (20%) will be paid on all NEW clients. Should a new client request additional services, you will receive 10% each for up to two (2) additional, flat-fee services rendered, potentially earning you money up to three (3) times on each client you refer. That’s forty percent (40%) total in referral fees! However, the referral program for our web design services pays a 10%¬† fee in perpetuity. Please note that this is the only service structured in this manner. All referral fees are tendered once the client pays for the service in full. 100Dollar-03-june

Referral Program Breakdown (Version 2)

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