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The two words above, “We’re Hiring!,” are only second to “You’re Hired!” in the life of someone who is seeking employment.

As we all know, it has become a lot tougher for the average American to find a job these days. An extremely high percentage of people are living on unemployment, struggling with having enough money to pay their mortgage or rent, buy food for their families, or even purchase gas to travel around to job interviews, etc. This is where I can be of service. I want to change people’s lives by helping place them with employers who are seeking individuals who are hardworking and honest. Therefore, if you are an employer, staffing agency, or independent contractor recruiter in need of assistance with finding quality candidates for your open positions, give me a call. Following is a copy of my cover letter, resume, and summary of the skill set I offer:

P - Letter for Front Page Phone Skills – With over three (3) years of sales experience performing functions that included the marketing of affinity credit cards and matching prospective college students with suitable educational institutions, I understand the importance of effective communication and building rapport with a potential client or candidate.
R - Letter for Front Page Recruiting and Interviewing Skills – During the time I worked in academia, I was charged with the responsibility of interviewing and selecting my office’s intern and work-study students. To ensure I made the proper selection based on the office’s needs, I conducted personality, academic, and work experience assessments.
P - Letter for Front Page People SkillsDuring my professional tenure, I have worked with people from all walks of life. My motto is to treat others the way I would want to be treated. Therefore, my ability to listen, communicate, and empathize has proved monumental in how I engage others on a professional and personal level. When interviewing a candidate, the goal is to always work toward the common good for both the company and prospective employee.
R - Letter for Front Page Results-driven – The key to my success in sales is that not only do I desire to give the client a positive customer-service experience, but my actions are always results-driven. If there is a quota to meet, I am going to employ all my skills and abilities to ensure I reach or exceed it.
P - Letter for Front Page Professionalism – In any situation, it is my belief that it is important to conduct oneself with the utmost decorum and integrity. Since my interactions with candidates will not only be a reflection of your company but mine as well, I want each person I interview to leave feeling as though he/she has received world-class service.
 O - Letter for Front Page Organization/Project Management РHaving served as an administrative support specialist for over 18 years during which time I supported vice presidents, directors, managers, and other top-level executives in roles as varied as an administrative assistant and secretary to a payroll administrator and research associate, has enabled me to build my organizational and project management skills.
J - Letter for Front Page Judgment – One of the most critical skill sets in sales is the ability to assess a client’s needs and match him/her with the proper good and/or service. After all, making well-informed, measured decisions is what produces the desired outcome, which is, in this case, finding candidates who will successfully serve with a company or organization on a long-term basis. Since we are all shaped by nature and our environment, it is important to take each prospective candidate on an individual basis, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and find an opportunity that will be best suited for both the candidate and company/organization. My over 18 years of experience in corporate America and academia interacting with people from all walks of life, white collar and blue collar, has equipped me to make such judgments.


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