Why Hire a VA?

Why Hire a VA Page Image - 2015Due to increasingly challenging economic conditions in this country and abroad, many companies are now forced to reevaluate how they hire qualified, competent personnel. In fact, many are choosing to hire more temporary employees instead of taking on the responsibility of contracting permanent, full-time talent. As a result, the demand for virtual assistants is steadily increasing in popularity. Many companies, including nonprofit organizations, are discovering hiring a virtual assistant is beneficial for the following reasons:

Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness – As a business owner, the primary goal is to focus on providing an excellent product and/or service. However, having to manage day-to-day administrative and technical tasks can negatively impact a company’s ability to operate in an effective and efficient manner, which could ultimately affect the bottom line. Securing the talents of a trained, competent virtual assistant to handle these types of responsibilities will enable the business owner to focus on more important tasks.

Increased Revenue – the goal of every business owner is to build a profitable company. When an inordinate amount of time is expended on tasks that do not generate income, this could impact the company’s overall success as it pertains to financial growth. A virtual assistant can be hired to handle such activities, thereby enabling the business owner to dedicate time to increasing the company’s revenue.

Reduced Overhead – today’s volatile economic environment is forcing many business owners to reconsider the traditional practice of hiring full-time employees due to payroll expenses, health insurance, the cost of training, and having to compensate for such extras as vacation and sick time. In addition, there is also the cost associated with the purchase of office equipment. A virtual assistant is valuable in this instance because he/she operates from a remote location that is usually equipped with all the equipment necessary to perform the tasks associated with operating a business. In addition, since virtual assistants are contract workers, they are responsible for acquiring their own health insurance, paying taxes on the income they generate, and can determine when they take sick or vacation leave.

Finally, since virtual assistants are business owners as well, they are familiar with what is required to effectively operate a business. This knowledge, coupled with years of experience working in an administrative support role, enables Virtual Assistance Genie to provide the assistance your company needs to be successful and sustain its competitive edge in an ever-transitioning global business environment.

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