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 photo 5b9fb30b-08a4-467c-8e5b-c40035d41709_zpsw4ib6ei9.pngSmart Idea Advertising Group covers the spectrum of marketing disciplines and is expert at leveraging the expertise of creative specialists around the country. However, to ensure a seamless process for the client, we will serve as lead on all projects. Below are the customized media/marketing-integrated systems we offer that will ensure continual delivery of your company’s message to pre-determined niche groups. Since each company/organization’s marketing needs are unique, you can either choose a service a la carte or we can develop a creative package of services that will evolve into a successful and engaging marketing campaign.


  • Slogans – we understand the fundamentals of developing a cutting-edge slogan that is not only unique and catchy, but effectively summarizes the main idea of your company.
  • Logos – we have a team of designers who are skilled at developing artful logos that accurately capture the meaning and power behind your company/organization’s respective products and/or services.
  • Commercials – we offer high definition and digital production services. Your commercial will not only be a well-crafted story that represents your respective company/organization, but be infused with creative branding that will leave a memorable impact on the consumer, in particular, your target audience.

Innovative Products and Services

Our creative strategists are knowledgeable and proficient in a host of on-line /off-line marketing products and services that will ensure the effective, efficient delivery of your company/organization’s brand. The ability to identify and mobilize the resources best suited for a particular client’s needs is critical to  establishing measurable traction in today’s marketplace where maintaining relevancy as well as consistent brand awareness and accessibility are critical to a company/organization’s survival. In addition, we are also capable of customizing the design of many of these products and services to ensure the distinctness of a client’s brand. Following are some of the products and services we offer:

* White Papers * Keybroker Social (Qwaya)
* Niche Research * Targeted E-mail Campaigns
* Guest Blogging * Advertorials
* YouTube Video Targeting Tool    * Text, SMS, MMS Marketing Campaigns
* Search Engine Optimization * Data Mining

Creative Problem Solving

Our company is capable of reframing a problem for the purpose of transforming it into a solution. We do this by employing creative problem-solving techniques that are specifically designed to lead to a fresh perspective on challenges that may arise during the course of developing your company/organization’s marketing campaign. These techniques enable us to break down such challenges into their basic elements and rearrange the various parts in a manner that ultimately proves to be more beneficial to the process and the client’s respective marketing needs.

Group Coaching

We will design mind games/activities that will not only be fun, but stimulate creative energy and evoke thought-provoking responses. The purpose of these games/activities is to effectively maximize each employee’s creative potential, which will translate into an improved product and/or service for the client.

Idea Protection – Copyright, Trademark, and Patent 

Following are basic definitions of each; however, for your convenience and to provide more comprehensive information on each service offering, we have attached guides for each (Copyright / Trademark / Patent).


Copyright – the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (as a literary, musical, or artistic work).

Trademark – a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.

Patent – a grant made by a government that confers upon the creator of an invention the sole right to make, use, and sell that invention for a set period of time.

Market Research and Analysis

This is probably the most critical step in the development of a successful marketing campaign. You must know your market. We will design a comprehensive marketing plan specifically tailored to your company/organization. After sufficient research is conducted (e.g. focus groups, social media profiling, etc.), we will perform an analysis of the results and submit a report to your company/organization for review and consideration. Once it is collaboratively determined to which target audiences we will market your product and/or service, we will proceed to the next steps in the process which will involve full execution of the plan. Our ultimate goal is to give your company/organization the competitive edge.

Idea Generation Programs

We at Smart Idea Advertising Group believe that the mind and the imagination are exhaustive portals of unique ideas. Since several of the individuals who will be involved in the planning process have artistic backgrounds, we are creatively adept at employing a very powerful idea generation tool called mind-mapping. The basis of this particular technique is extensive brainstorming sessions. Our team of creative engineers will take a central thought relative to your particular company/organization and weave in names, words, images, and other related ideas in order to produce unique, but relevant, outcomes.

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