Rates Page Image - 2015To view the pricing lists for our administrative and creative services, social media marketing packages, and job training consulting, click on the associated image link at the end of this page. For creative services that involve the creation of a logo, banner, or other branding promotional tool/graphic, you will be required to complete a Proof Authorization Form. Click on the following link to view: Proof Authorization Form. As a reminder, to commence a project, you will have to complete a Request for Services Form. Click on the following link to access: Request for Services Form.

1. Fee – virtual assistance starts at $10/hr for small businesses, billed in hourly increments. For assignments that are six (6) months or longer, more than 25 hours per week, and have a starting hourly price of at least $15 (this will depend on the type of service requested), a discounted rate can be negotiated. Give us a call today! We will work with you! – (Click here to find out what you will receive for $10/hr!)

2. Invoices – are sent via e-mail or fax and are due in 15 days. There is no grace period. No personal checks accepted, only business checks. The preferred method of payment is through PayPal. If tendering cash, a receipt will be provided for your records. Past due accounts will be subject to a late fee of $25 every seven (7) calendar days the account is not paid in full. A $35 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

3. Expenses – any expenses incurred to complete the project will be added to the total billable hours. There will be no mark up of the costs. Expenses are items such as purchases, travel time and expenses, printing costs, long distance charges incurred on behalf of your company, postage and shipping, and any other ancillary costs associated with properly completing the job.

4. Independent Contractor – Please note that Virtual Assistance Genie is a 1099 independent contractor.


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