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Services - Video Production Page Image - 2015Virtual Assistance Genie offers promotional videos for the purpose of expanding your brand. We offer videos in the following categories: 1) Standard; 2) Advanced Website; 3) Mobile; 4) Basic Animated; and 5) Detailed Animated. Simply click on the image and you will be redirected to YouTube to view the respective video. The cost for creating a standard promotional video is $499 with half ($249.50) due prior to commencement of work. Please call for a quote on the other video categories. To find out how adding video to your marketing campaign can increase business, simply watch the video below. Once you’re ready,  complete the Request for Services Form and a representative will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

Why Use Video - Videographics



Please Note: The video showcasing my flyer designs does not represent the customization that will be applied to your respective marketing video. Please see the other video listings to get an idea of how we can design a promotional video to meet the requirements of your particular brand (simply click on the image link and the selected video will open in a separate page).

Standard Videos
Cake Tales - Promotional Video ImageWok - Promotional Video Image
 Citrus and Spice (Bath Essentials) - Promotional Video ImageJoyce White - Actress
 Opening SlideFirst Slide (Version II)
 Creative Works Gallery - Flyers, Announcements, etc (JPEG)._Page_05
Advanced Website Videos
Wufoo - Advanced Website VideosSquarespace - Advanced Website VideosWe Transfer- Advanced Website Videos
Mobile Videos
TripAdvisor - Mobile VideosFlipboard - Mobile Videos
Basic Animated Videos
Virtual Sharp - Basic Animated Videos
Detailed Animated Videos
P2P - Detailed Animated Videos

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